A scheduler . . .

• Puts appointments directly on Outlook or Yahoo!Calendar. 

• Enters activity into SalesForce

• Can enter your daily activity, keep database current and and build contact spreadsheets using

• Is able to build bulk email address files for mass marketing emails to your advisors

• Frees up time for the wholesaler to concentrate on selling and taking care of clients

• Lessens the time a wholesaler has to be dialing advisors while driving

• Allows the wholesaler more time to personally contact advisors and build a better relationship  

• Eliminates the overhead and expense of office space, benefits, vacations, etc. versus hiring an office assistant

• Allows a wholesaler to have more time to meet with advisors to help profile their clients and meet with their clients

• Represents another member of the wholesaler's team, providing more service and availability to the advisor

• Provides continuous updating of database – keeping address and phone numbers etc current

• Confirms appointments ahead of time saving wasted time and travel for wholesaler

• Is able to make multiple calls to advisors increasing the number of appointments scheduled for wholesaler 

• Has continuous communication with internal wholesaler regarding potential appointments

• Can send information requests to advisors quickly

• Covers all phone expenses

• Can send out thank you notes, emails, mass mailings, Christmas gifts and faxes as directed by the wholesaler

• Can help with travel plans and business events, i.e. lunches, seminars, special speakers etc

• Can file expense reports

• Can call in activity report 

• Can take care of any number of tasks as needed by the wholesaler – THE CHOICE IS YOURS!


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