Why do I need a Scheduler?
COMMUNICATION IS THE  #1  INGREDIENT FOR SUCCESS for you and your scheduler.  Periodic conference calls including your internal will keep everyone on the same page. It also gives scheduler and internal your approval for them to stay in communication with each other with leads, updates, questions and ideas etc.

What does my Scheduler need from me?
Key to your scheduler’s success is INFORMATION. She needs new ideas you are promoting, new sales ideas, enhancements being made to your product etc.  You should give her new ”punch words” every rotation so there is always something new she is dangling before your advisors.  These presentations should be in a general format, as we cannot talk about specific points in your product. PROVIDING ASCRIPT AT THE BEGINNING IS A GOOD IDEA. Examples are available if you would like them.

What are my Scheduler’s work hours?
Discuss days and times for scheduler to work. Your scheduler is an independent contractor (IC) and an important part of being an IC is deciding the time when a job will be preformed. This is important so as not to move toward the definition of an employee or it brings up all kinds of tax issues.  The time needs to be agreeable to the scheduler and the wholesaler.

What about computer/pc interfaces?
Inform your scheduler of the format you use for database. I would recommend Excel, but sometimes paper is the only choice. A4U schedulers use both.

How much feedback do you want from scheduler?
If appts are the main goal for you, then having the scheduler spend most of her time calling is best rather than contacting you about comments from all her calls. 

How do you want to receive appointments?  
Outlook is quickest.  We can also use Yahoo!Calendar, phone call, email or combination. With Outlook, A4U schedulers can place the appt directly onto your calendar, including Blackberry, in immediate time. Changes to your schedule can be communicated the same way.

What kind of appointments will my Scheduler make for me?
Specify what type of appointmnet you want: One/one, office meeting, breakfast, lunch, walk through, happy hour, dinner? Your scheduler can organize your meal and event appointments with your credit card if you prefer.  Your Scheduler will need credit card numbers, expiration date, name on the card, billing address and security code code on the back.

Where/How do I begin with my Scheduler?
You should start the scheduler making calls for appointments 2 weeks out from her start date. This allows the highest percentage for securing appointments.

Who will my Scheduler call?
Give the scheduler specific names or firms to call in the beginning. Send the scheduler your calendar with your key appointments, then scheduler can fill in the open time slots with other names and offices in the city as needed. Giving the scheduler your rotation for several months ahead allows the scheduler to make appointments for the next time you are going to be in the area if the contact is not available for the first date suggested.

How will my Scheduler arrange my day?
Tell your scheduler the specific time slots to fill and how long you want to allow for an appointment. Your Scheduler does not need to tell the advisor you want 1 hour for an appointment, but she will mark off the amount of  time you specify.  Financial Advisors are more likely to make an appointment if they know how long you need.

How will I be billed?
Assistants4You will send an invoice to your company for the monthly service fee. We will also send you a copy of the invoice if you would like one.


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