"She does an amazing job, and I am continually impressed with her dedication and work ethic. I shout her praises every second I get." 

— R.B., Financial Wholesaler


“Last year I did not reach Level 2 pay until November.  This year I was there by June 1. A lot of this is due to hiring Cathy and her schedulers to help keep my calendar full.  It is full and the result is obvious. I had never used a scheduler before but would never be without one now.  To fit this into my budget, I am giving up some branch lunches and other non-essential items that did not produce revenue because my scheduler clearly helps me produce more revenue.”

— J.F., Financial Wholesaler


“I have utilized Assistants4you, LLC,  for the last few years. Cathy Woodcock owns this company and sets you up with a scheduler that you feel will work best with your style and personality. You can work with her till you find a fit. Both J and I actually use Cathy and I know several others who use her service. I recommend talking to her if you have thought about maximizing your call activity. This is an important part of my wholesale operation and I wanted to share it with all of you.”

— J.W., Financial Wholesaler

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