Below are comments from wholesalers as to why they have a Scheduler.

A Scheduler can drastically increase your productivity by allowing you to . . .   

• Concentrate more on selling and taking care of clients

• Build a better 1:1 relationship with advisors

• Provide more profiling for more advisors

• Prepare more thoroughly for client meetings

• Definitely have more appointments


Tasks and activities Schedulers can perform for you . . .

• Send out thank you notes, email, mass emailing, invitations, faxes

• Arrange special events for group meetings

• Call in activity reports

• Organize and prepare expense reports

• Research travel arrangements

• Plan efficient travel routes and rotation (saves time and gas expense)

• Continuous updating of database

• Confirm appointments (cuts down on missed or forgotten meetings by Financial Advisors)

• Reschedule appointments immediately after a cancellation

• Check illustrations requested each week and schedule follow up meetings quickly

• Continuous communication with internal consultant


Ways a Scheduler saves you money . . .

• Plan efficient travel routes and rotation (saves time & money)

• Phone expense

• Overhead of office space, benefits, paid vacations for an assistant


P L U S +

• Multiple phone calls to an advisor/broker increases the number of times your name and your product name is put
   into the mind of your customer

• Cutting down on the amount of phone numbers you are dialing while driving increases your safety on the road

• Including your Scheduler in a weekly conference call with your internal and 401K rep will keep your team working in
   with everyone knowing your plan and goals

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